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When your natural lashes need a break from eyelash extensions

  Professional vs. rookie application of eyelash extensions   Quality eyelash extensions applied by professional using quality materials do not have harmful effect on your lashes.  But occasionally some girls decide to make a shortcut most of the time to save some money on lashes. Everything looks like a good deal until you end up [...]

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Volume Lahses

Volume lashes extensions basics   For women having longer and more than average eyelashes has been taken as a symbol of beauty since the beginning of time. Therefore Today Volume eyelash extensions get more and more popular. No doubt that adding extra volume to your eyelashes makes you feel really beautiful and confident. But what [...]

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Eyelash Extensions and some issues with hormonal imbalance

Eyelash extensions Application during hormonal imbalance (pregnancy, nursing, menstruation, thyroid issues)  Eyelash extension products It is important to know that quality cosmetic products are approved for production after comprehensive and time consuming researches. That applies to eyelash extension products as well. The focus of these researches is on protection of the health of potential clients. [...]

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Eyelash Extensions Basics

  Eyelash Extensions Basics Application of Eyelash Extensions Application of eyelash individual extensions is a popular cosmetic procedure. You can increase their length, Curl, or volume. Simply by gluing synthetic extensions to your natural lashes. The application process is performed by a properly trained and licensed technician with sufficient experience. If your rather decide to trust [...]

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Natural, Hybrid or Volume Extensions

 Natural Look Eyelashes For Natural looking eyelashes I recommend using classic eyelash extensions. This technique is when a technician applies a single extension on each natural lash. Again, there are a number of different variations. Even with this technique you can play with lengths, thicknesses, patterns or even colors and achieve desirable effect according to [...]

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Eyelash Extensions do and don’t

Beautiful Eyelashes how?  Eyelash Extensions Who doesn’t dream about long and volume eyelashes?  But not every girl has such a natural gift.  Fortunately these days there are some options out there to go around this imperfection. One of them is to apply individual eyelash extensions. There is no reason to get desperate or fall into [...]

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Yumi Lashes – power alternative for your Eyelash Extensions

YUMI™ Lashes is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the lash without having to resort to false lashes. In other words  it is a powerful alternative to false lashes that enhances your own natural beauty and coloring. A range of tints are available for coloring the lash which will compliment your complexion perfectly. YUMI™ LASHES Lash [...]

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Eyelash Extensions Care in the first 48 hours

Eyelash Extensions care  for your Lashes in the FIRST 48 HOURS Eyelash  Extensions Care following initial lash application or refill: Keep lashes dry. Avoid participating in activities that cause you to sweat. Do not use oil-based products of any kind, on or near your eyes. Avoid touching lashes directly. Sleep on your back or side, [...]

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