Eyelash extensions Application during hormonal imbalance (pregnancy, nursing, menstruation, thyroid issues)

 Eyelash extension products

It is important to know that quality cosmetic products are approved for production after comprehensive and time consuming researches. That applies to eyelash extension products as well. The focus of these researches is on protection of the health of potential clients.  Certain government regulations are in place and strict control over distribution and application. At the end we have a product that is OK to use.

Hormonal changes

At first glance there is nothing to do with hormonal changes and eyelash extension application, isn’t it. This is neither a physical activity nor a stressful thinking process.

Menstrual periods

During your cycle period seems nothing wrong to get a nice set of eyelash extensions.

Breast feeding

Nursing your baby is a 24/7 process. Lack of sleep and stress makes you desire to be beautiful and attractive again. Just think about it: as a bonus to brand new amazing eyelashes, your can have a little nap you’ve been dreaming for a long time. Kill two Birds With One Stone.


And even for pregnant women is completely safe to lay down in a relaxing pose for a couple of hours.

Thyroid issues

Issues with Thyroid in some cases may make your hair start falling more than usual. Eyelashes can become less dense.

Hormonal changes impact on the eyelash products

Here we get to the point. How exactly the change in hormonal levels can affect the eyelash application process? What happens? Why? Good questions. We are going to give correct answers.

Nature of the hormonal imbalance

Some people have somewhat increased level of oil on their hair during menstrual periods, nursing, pregnancy or thyroid problems.

However it is crucial to know the oil is the worst enemy of the eyelash glue. Before applying eyelash extensions technicians use a primer to remove all oil the oil from the natural eyelashes. Therefore the technician asks all to remove make up and oily products off the eyelashes prior to the appointment.  Otherwise the glue simply is not effective. As a result eyelash extensions fall off shortly after or do not stick at all.

What to do then?

It is preferably to avoid booking an appointment during mentioned above cases: menstrual periods, nursing or pregnancy. Since the Thyroid issues are permanent the best advice is to talk to your technician.

If you still need eyelash extensions

However, sometimes you need to eyelash extensions anyway. In this case you really need to talk to a professional. There is no doubt that you need to make sure that you are not going to waste your money and feel bad after the appointment. As a general rule of thumb I can suggest:

Choose customer orientated over profit oriented businesses!!!


You can do that doing some research over internet. Read customer reviews and most importantly talk to the particular technician at the time of the appointment.