What is YUMI™ Lash

YUMI Lashes is an innovative technique that allows you to get beautiful and glamorous natural eyelashes. And all that without having to apply any kind of eyelash extensions or false lashes. However YUMI  boosts and lifts the lash. In addition a range of tints are available for coloring as well.

YUMI™ Lashes Brand – a turning point in the world of beauty


Everything started back in 2008. The Place is Europe and the country is France. After years of market research and new product development the YUMI™ Brand was born. The concept was simple and genius. Enhancement of natural eyelashes using chemicals as little as possible. Following the best old European traditions – the best marketing is the top quality materials and certified training by the Brand.

Reviews and Feedback

The customers who have tried YUMI Lash Lift are extremely delighted and renew in regular bases.

The YUMI lash artists on the other hand who apply the product are happy with the results.

  Why YUMI Lash Lift is different

In the first place instead of doing a traditional perm that simply curves the lashes, YUMI turns them upward, gives them length, height and volume. The impression is that you have longer and thicker eyelashes.

Artist Training & Certification

Since YUMI Lash is an ultimately advanced technique that combines eyelash lifting and tinting it requires great precision, skills and hygiene. Every client is different with different eyelashes in shape, color, thickness and curve. Here comes the talent of the artist to personalize and adapt the treatment to the client. The adequate training is provided by the Brand. Training covers all the aspects of the process and The Brand issues a certificate after a theoretical and practical exam.


The pictures speak for themselves: