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YUMI  Lash Lifting

The story started  in 2008 in Switzerland.
Then Brand moved to France and started it global expansion.
But really  what is YUMI so famous for. What makes it so successful.
Definitely we believe two factors play role here. Top quality Keratin formula and highly skilled technicians trained by the Brand.

 YUMI Lash Lift  makes You feel Special

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Keratin YUMI Formula that works

YUMI is a brand you can trust. Certainly YUMI has nothing to do with the perm. European Brand does not use any aggressive chemicals. Innovative Keratin formula is what made  the French brand so successful. However hypoallergenic   formula is unique and enhances you natural lashes to the maximum. You will love it.


Certainly YUMI™ Lash Lift enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world. It is a European brand using an advanced technique to enhance and lift natural eyelashes. Certainly we don’t  use any  lash extensions, growth serum or false eyelashes.

YUMI Lashes  lifts and boosts your natural lashes.

Treatment takes only 60-90 minutes. Since there  is no harsh chemicals used in the process clients fill comfortable and relaxed.
The YUMI Lashes last for 6  to  12 weeks, which is apparently the  natural life cycle of the lashes.
However brightening and lifting the eye area  the YUMI™ Lashes  has some anti-aging qualities effect.
YUMI™ Tint intensifies the color of the eyelash so that the treatment enhances the natural beauty of the client even further.


Clients with  YUMI Lash Lifting  feel happy. Furthermore they say  they would do it again.


All YUMI technicians has to be trained and licensed by the brand. Beauty professionals who have work with the product are 100% satisfied with the results.


First of all traditional eyelash perm simply curve the lashes using aggressive hair perm solution. Furthermore after that neutralizer has to be used and eventually nourishing oil. Of course very often a client end up with burnt lashes if something does wrong. Either unskilled technician or chip materials or chemicals. In contrast  YUMI lifts each individual lash upwards using Keratin formula. The result  is longer, fuller lashes.


  • Eyes appear youthful and bright
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lash Lift, anti-aging treatment and lash tint
  • Lifts and curves lashes up


  • lack of any harsh chemicals
  • maintenance free
  • No monthly fills
  • No removal
  • Paraben free
  • Results look and feel natural
  • Sport and activity proof


  • Treatment effect lasts 6-12 weeks
  • No lash extensions
  • NO lash growth serum
  • lash perm
  • forget about mascara
  • forget about traditional  eyelash curler


Revolutionary YUMI Lashes Technology

Created by a Swiss Company Yumi Lashes technology offers the length and curl that you want without a lash perm. Firstly unlike a perm that can cause a number of problems Yumi technology does not have negative impacts on your lashes. Secondly YUMI  recovers lash structure  thanks to the ingredients in the Yumi Lash product.


After filling your lashes with a special pigment, the upper eyelids will look visually uplifted. Also it endows you with the effect of “open eyes”. After all Yumi Lashes technology does not require lash correction or supplementary care. Certainly You will not feel any discomfort and can use mascara or go without. Most noteworthy your lashes will be long, thick, and natural!

Designed to boost your natural eyelashes

YUMI Lashes is a five-step technology.  It can be performed only by a certified professional. Here are the steps:

  1. Lash primer application
  2. Application of a special product to make your skin soft and smooth
  3. Placing a silicon patch to your lashes
  4. Applying a fix product that fills lash structure and a pigment
  5. Filling your lashes with keratin

Effect lasts for 6 – 12 weeks

Above all the treatment does not require correction

With YUMI Lashes you can:

  • sleep as you want, lashes cannot be damaged and crumpled
  • wash your eyes and use the cosmetics you want
  • go to the sauna
  • swim in the sea
  • use lenses
  • apply mascara
  • use eye creams


No Lash Extensions

Enhancement of your natural lashes. Without the use of artificial or mechanical aids. Certified YUMI™ Lash Lift technicians have the ability to target the natural keratin within the eyelash hair.

Natural products use

First we gently guide the lashes onto a specially designed silicone lifting pad. Then we  sculpt each individual hair to create the illusion of longer lashes. However each treatment is specifically designed for every eye shape and eyelash length. Just imagine not having to apply mascara. Neither fuss with a curler everyday. YUMI™ Lash Lift is exceptional!

Natural Ingredients Formula

The YUMI™ procedure is about structure and design with comfort in mind. Only those certified by a Master YUMI™ trainer have the skill and precision crucial for exceptional results. Our technicians are in the room with you during the entire procedure. The YUMI™ Lift and Fix products are not applied directly to the skin.

Formaldehyde Free

The product is formaldehyde free. It  doesn’t contain any  harsh ingredients. All the YUMI™ products are individually packaged for one time use only. We sterilize and sanitize our tools after each use. And ensure the highest standard of hygienic control. All Master trained YUMI™ technicians  work within the guidelines and standards of Canada.

Hormonal Unbalance

Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance and not everyone is eligible for the treatment. Those who are prone to any form of eye disease. Or have mild or severe allergies. If you  are under the age of 16 (parental consent is required). In case you suffer from chronic back or neck pain and cannot lay down for 60-90 minutes. Sometimes you are unable to keep their eyes closed for a long period of time.


Expectant mothers may not be eligible for the treatment. However we have the right to refuse the treatment to anyone who displays any of the symptoms or conditions listed above.

Rubbing eyes after the treatment is not recommended

Products are applied only to the sculpted lashes. They do not come into contact with the skin or inner eye area.  The lashes are delicately wiped during the 5 step procedure. That may cause mild redness but will go away within 10-15 minutes after the treatment is completed. Our goal is to make you feel refreshed and look younger.

No, the entire procedure is perfectly designed to create a relaxing experience. The YUMI™ technician will be with you during the entire procedure.

Read carefully

Just one! Do not wash or wet your lashes for 48 hours after receiving the treatment. The product requires 48 hours to reach its maximum lifting potential.

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Yumi lashes

48 hour After the procedure

First of all during the 48 hour period please avoid using eye makeup. Secondly sauna, swimming, or steam room is not recommended. And lastly remember tears have the same effect like water. So do not cry or cut onions.  However moisture to the lashes will weaken the YUMI™ product. Day to day care of your YUMI™ Lash Lift is easy! Feel free to wash your face and lashes as usual after the 48 hours are up!

The lift lasts 6-12 weeks  which is the natural life cycle of a single eyelash. Our YUMI™ technicians can suggest when to schedule your next lash lift.


Yumi Kerating Lash lifting – $150.00 ( 60-90 minutes)

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