Lashes and Covid-19 Pandemic

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Covid and Lashes

Lashes are fancy now more then ever. These days in we’ve been  living in Covid-19 reality. Seems like traditional beauty products become less and less popular. And the reason behind that is because we wear masks in public places. So called Pandemic slowly but surely changes our habits and day-to-day routine. Luckily your eyes and brows stay uncovered and your can make a good impression just by enhance their natural beauty.

Eyelash Extensions facts

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Classic individual lash extensions

There is some facts about eyelash extensions:

Firstly they make you feel even more glamorous than you ever thought. And Secondly you can’t imagine the life without them anymore. You look like you were were supposed to be born with this the amazing, curled, most perfectly ordered lashes. However no mascara could ever accomplish that. And you can keep that look up to three weeks without need to apply mascara every morning and remove it at the end of the day!

Lash extensions appointment preparation

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Newest Eyelash Trends

The preparation for the lash appointment is important. However  the better you prepare the better results you can expect. Rule of thumb – show up to your appointment completely bare-faced.

Since all oil-based products are the worst enemies of the lash application make sure you clean them beforehand. That way you save time and money. Otherwise  the artist has to do that for and charge extra for that.

In this context here are some products to avoid: mascara, waterproof eye makeup, oily skin care, and eye cream. You don’t want anything that would interfere with the eye glue.


Lash appointment duration and tips

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lashes YUMI

First of all you need to know that It’s not an in-and-out kind of appointment. Eyelash extensions application process takes a long time (up to two hours!). Since you need to lie very still for two hours  you maybe consider passing on any drinks that contain caffeine like coffee, latte ..etc. Your probably need to stop talking for the time of the appointment simply because the muscles you utilize for that make your lashes move.


Lashes  aftercare



On the other hand moister is a key factor when it comes to the adhesive. Furthermore it takes about  24 hours for the adhesive  to dry completely after the application. However avoid washing your face and taking a shower during that period. Good idea is to sleep on your side or back. Sleeping  face-down will definitely damage lash extensions badly. And of course discussing does and don’t s with your lash artist is the best way to go.

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Sleeping face down