Volume lashes extensions basics


For women having longer and more than average eyelashes has been taken as a symbol of beauty since the beginning of time. Therefore Today Volume eyelash extensions get more and more popular. No doubt that adding extra volume to your eyelashes makes you feel really beautiful and confident. But what is the difference between various volume techniques in fact after all.

However talking volume we have to understand that technician applies more than one eyelash extension on eye one of your own. Depends on what particular results you are looking for the artist and you have to discuss and choose the right option.

2D eyelashes. Left eye. Close view

2D Volume Lashes

2D Volume

With this technique eyelash artist applies two eyelash extensions on each natural one. That gives the client immediately two times more eyelashes than usual. If we keep in mind average person has around 90 lashes so you can imagine the impression you make with 180 of them. On top of that the two lashes applied split into two different directions on the end. The result is stunning. You feel the volume. And even though there are two times more extensions the weight stays the same. Reason is: they are much thinner than single ones.

3D Volume Lashes

3D Volume Lashes

3D Volume

3D technique eyelash artist applies three eyelash extensions on each natural one. Three times more eyelashes is a game changer. With about 270 eyelashes on each eye your attract the attention of every person around. You eyes look much bigger and deeper. And of course on their ends the extensions split into three different directions like a cluster. They have real Volume and Style. And they are so thin and tender as well.

Even More Volume…

When it comes to more and more and more…than you can try 4D, 5D, 6D….etc. The only limit here is the weight that the glue and cluster apply on the natural eyelashes. These techniques can be used for special events, parties or anything you can imagine. And need more care also.


There are two things that have to be taken into consideration:

  1. Because of the complexity of the process the skills and experience of the eyelash artist are of big importance. You definitely don’t want to end up with chunks of glue on your eyelashes and irritated eyes.
  2. The quality of the materials used. The use of quality eyelash extensions and hypoallergenic materials guarantees best results.


Like every other eyelash extensions there are a few general rules you need to follow in order to protect Volume lashes from falling off.

  1. Avoid sleeping with your face down.
  2. Washing your face try to be extra careful.
  3. Wearing contact lenses do not forget about your eyelashes.
  4. Avoid using oily cosmetics because the oil dissolves the lash glue.