Beauty of the eyes

In order to keep Eyelashes healthy in the winter we give you 5 tips to consider.

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Healthy lashes


Every girl wants to be pretty and attractive. And it is as important to feel beautiful in the first place. As we all know the eyes are the most memorable part of the face. That is what we look at meeting a person. However eyelashes play a very important role in how our eyes look like. That’s why eyes should always be pretty and healthy. Fortunately lash industry gives your various options to achieve that. Probably the best choice is lash extensions. The question is if lashes need any maintainable and exactly how much the weather seasons impacts them.

Winter and eyelashes

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cold winter


But in the winter it’s not easy to maintain eyelashes in good condition and shape. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you enjoy your eyelashes in the winter months. However there are many factors that harm our health in general and eyelashes in particular. Things like polluted air or untreated tap water. Certainly use of unsuitable cosmetics or even nutrition deficiencies.

Moisturize your lashes


As it’s well known in the winter humidity in the air drops significantly.  As a result our hair becomes more brittle and vulnerable. The lashes are exposed to temperature changes as well. We basically can’t just cover them with anything unlike our other body parts. So moisturising eyelashes is critical in order to keep them in a good health.


Self steaming for lashes

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steam room

Another excellent way to keep your entire body healthy and strong in the cold months is taking a sauna or a hot tub. Certainly that refreshes your body, mind and your eyelashes.   Just remember do not rub your eyes during the process since the bonds soften due to the hot air. It’s safe to say that your eyelashes won’t suffer any negative side effects of the steam.


Avoid Oils around eyelashes

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avoid oil on or around lash extensions

However using moisturizers remember that oils, however, are one of the biggest enemies of eyelash extensions. Since they make the bonds loose and your extensions can fall off. Most importantly avoid using moisturizers that contain oils, glycerine or wax. If you use such a moisturizer for your face makes sure that it doesn’t get near your eyes.

Fill sessions

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Eyelash artist

It’s necessarily to see your eyelash technician every 2-3 weeks for feeling appointments. That’s a general rule in order to keep your extension in best condition. Generally we lose between 2 to 5 lashes a day naturally. If you experience an excessive lash loss you might need to consult with an expert and find out the particular reason for that.

Healthy diet for lashes

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healthy diet

Sometimes lack of particular nutrition can cause brittleness or unhealthy look of your lashes. You need to take a lot of minerals and vitamins in order to maintain your hair, skin, lashes and entire body in a good health. Very Important mineral is silica as it promotes hair and nail growth. In addition Vitamins B, D, and E should also be part of your diet. It is good to consult your doctor or a nutritionist about how to include them in your diet as well as appropriate dosages for you.

Consider lash extensions break

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Time for a brake

However You lashes need from time to time just a break from extensions. When and for how long is a matter that you can discuss with your lash technician. There is not a general rule or schedule for that. The times vary from person to person. Your lash artist will tell you if this step is necessary in case you have heavy seasonal shedding.