Lets look at the lashes of the Stars

Over the years every girl was spending time to make the eyelashes look better. It is interesting that  the Hollywood celebrities like Kardashians always manage to look perfect with their curled and lifted amazing eyelashes. Of course they sometime use extensions but even their own lashes seem to look amazing. The secret is – YUMI Lashes  lifting technology.

What is a Lash Lift

  Lash Lifting is a perm for your natural eyelashes in order to keep them curled and separated. Furthermore that has to be a long term effect. Different brands use different product and chemicals and the client have to be aware what they are going for.

YUMI Lash Lift technology

 There is no doubt about the fact that the most famous Lash lifting Brand in the world now is YUMI Lashes. Like everything else here comes the Price versus Quality. Higher initial prices usually benefit you in a long run. YUMI is a brand developed in France. Using top of the line quality Swiss products the Brand proved to be hypoallergenic and tender to the eyes. The application is absolutely safe and relaxing. It lasts from 6 to 12weeks. The Average duration is about one hour and a half.

What are the benefits of YUMI lashes

In the first place YUMI does not damage your natural eyelashes in any way neither make you lose any of them. Unlike eyelash extensions YUMI just makes more out of your lashes you already have.

 Secondly Keratin – the key component in the process has a protective action on your lashes. It keeps them curled on the one hand and protects them the UV radiation on the other. That is a very good benefit if you have plans to go to the beach. The sun has an adverse effect on the eyelashes. They burn and become brittle. Keratin reduces that much.


The appointment duration is one and a half to two hours. Including the initial conversation with a technician. Make sure to book with technician with adequate training and good recommendations.


With YUMI there are some simple recommendations to follow. For more info check with our website.