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Fashion and Lash extensions now go hand by hand.

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Lash extensions-Beauty of eyes


Individual eyelash extensions today are a very popular procedure in beauty industry. Modern day technology allows creating lush, bright and expressive eyelashes. That delights you and the people around you. Some skeptics out there criticize eyelash extensions. There point is that this procedure harms native eyelashes and the general condition of the eyes. There are, of course, some poorly performed applications in some beauty salons. But that depends on the materials used in the process and skills of the technician.  However correctly applied lash extensions do not represent any harm to the health of your eyes or eyelashes.

Individual extensions

Modern eyelash extensions are made of natural or artificial fibers. They are almost identical to the natural hair. Glues black or transparent are practically harmless to the eyes. And if you do not have any eye diseases or allergies then you are safe to go through eyelash extensions procedure. The procedure lasts an average for two hours. After that contact with water is not recommended for about a day or and two.

Synthetic eyelash extensions fashion

You know how important it is for any woman to look pretty. After all your whole life depends on it. When a girl knows her beauty and attractiveness her wings simply grow. There is self-confidence, good mood, well-being and general health improves. Such a girl begins to live brightly and feel the beauty of life. And do not listen to the skeptic. Just let them continue to be in their usual bad mood.

How important are eyelashes

Dear girls taking care of yourself always pays off. Make yourself a present like a nice set of lash extensions. Be pretty and enjoy life. Everything is in your hands. However at any age and under any circumstances every girl is simply obliged to look after herself and be beautiful, stylish, elegant and happy.