How to pick the best Lash Extensions

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3D Lash extensions

Like everything else premium quality lashes and professional application are not cheep. Furthermore even the price varies from salon to salon. But still you can expect quotes anywhere from $90 up to $300 for a classic set. If you decide to go for something more dramatic the price goes up accordingly.

We all have different Lashes

Since everyone’s eyes and natural lashes are different you need to experiment which technique fits you most. When you choose lash extensions style you need to consider your eye shape as well as your natural lashes length, curl, thickness, density and many more. On the other hand another factor to keep in mind is your lifestyle also. It does matter if you live and work in a hot or cold climaet and/or work conditions.

Consult a Lash Pro prior to make a decision

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Newest Eyelash Trends

In the very beginning a consultation with a lash artist is a must. Firstly for  new clients a patch test one or two days prior to the appointment is mandatory. That is going to determine if you are allergic to any of the products or chemicals used in the process.

During the initial consultation the client and artist go over different lash extensions. Here you discuss different length, volumes, curls and thickness of the eyelashes. Materials the extensions are made of is another very important choice you have to make. Synthetic Silk or  Faux Mink in most cases. Russian volume is a good option too. They go from 2D to 10D usually. Basically the number shows how many extensions are glued to every single natural lash.

 Lash care

Once you get your lashes done it’s not over. A proper lash extensions care is very important. In general avoid oily substances around you eyes. Oil is the worse enemy of the eyelash glue.

Make-up and lashes

Since Lash extensions are a alternative of mascara it’s obvious that you don’t need to apply anything on them. Mascara has to be applied and removed daily what is not the case with extensions. In most cases and with a proper care they last for about three weeks with very little maintenance. Oily substances dissolve the glue so better keep them away from your lashes.

Be careful and don’t make lashes wet when washing  your  face

First of all don’t splash water directly on your lashes when leaning into a sink. You can accidentally rip a few lash extensions. Secondly wash gently your face around eyes and then gently using your fingers just follow the water. No scrubbing.

Brush you lashes just like your hair

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Silicon Lash Brushes

Usually in the morning after you wake up your lashes would get a little wacky after shower. Remember that to keep your extensions in a good shape you need to brush them every day. You will find your own way to do that. As far you do that very gently and in forward direction only that’s fine.

Removal of lash extensions

Once you realize that you need to remove your lashes book an appointment with a professional. “Do it yourself “ is a really bad idea. Lash glue is very strong and most likely you will and up ripping your natural lashes along with the extensions. However “Do it Right” and save time and money at the end of the day.