Many ways to wear Eyelash extensions

Like everything else premium quality lashes and professional applications develop in different directions over time. For every day lashes is more practical to keep natural look with a bit of a stress on the detail. When girls need more party look is a completely different story. Then you need a WOW effect to attract some attention. Furthermore even personal preferences vary from person to person according to her temper, state of natural lashes and so on.

Lash choice


Since everyone feels different in different circumstances we cannot give a general advice what to wear for each and every case. Personal mood and inner sense dictate our choices most of the time. And after all we don’t wont to make a negative impression on the person or people wearing inappropriate lashes.


Party time Lash extensions

Party lashes

Party time


Nevertheless when it comes to parting then all limitations are off. Ultimately we want to spend a great time with friends and this is when we can express ourselves without caring about general public opinion. Everyone wants to spend a great time and have a lot of fun.  Anyway we have unlimited choices at this point.


Office lashes

Office lashes

Lashes Office

Here is a bit more complicated. Since in office space we need to show professionalism and focus on business lash choice is extremely important. Natural look is recommended with maximum of 3D volume lashes. Everything beyond that point changes the focus from the job to you. And after all we look for balance between our look and the job we do. So the customer fills comfortable in the office.

Alternative way to wear Lash extensions


As always some designers look for different approach so it serves their goal and overall impact. British Vogue represented some new ideas from a make-up artist (and Vogue’s beauty editor-at-large), Pat McGrath. “The collection represents reflections of creative freedom and the make-up showed up in a captivating, major way!” McGraths says of the look.