Extensions – what you need to know about  them

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Eyelash extensions

Are you tired of looking for the perfect mascara? And your natural eyelashes are not too fluffy and long. Then you may be should consider application of eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are a simple and effective way to give expressiveness to your eyes. They appear bigger and brighter. But to make the things work you need to choose the right material, curl, length and technique.

 Basic Types of eyelashes

Individual eyelash extensions can be made of microfiber, human hair, animal fur, synthetic materials or polymers. Their length varies from 6 to 15 mm. That gives you a variety of options to choose from. Usually they come in black or brown. Nevertheless they could be any color. A skilled artist combines eyelashes of different lengths so that the eye looks as natural as possible. Usually the shorter ones are located in the corners of the eyes and the long ones – in the center. However a good eyelash artist is able to play very well with the length, curl, thickness and color to achieve the desirable effect.

Synthetic eyelash extensions

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Classic synthetic lash extensions


Synthetic Mink are the most affordable and most common today. They look natural enough and come in all lengths, shapes and colors. They are hypo allergic and do not carry any animal infections or parasites. However there are some quality differences among them. The best of the line are made in Korea. There are a few brands out there on the market. For more information ask your lash technician.

Real Mink lashes a good choice for weak and/or short natural lashes

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Natural fiber-Mink Lash extensions

If you are looking for something really top of the line mink lashes are just about the most realistic you can get. Since they are made of actual animal hair they are extremely soft and light weight.  The source is the tail of Siberian or Chinese Mink. However the quality comes with price. Mink lash extensions are also some of the thinnest lash extensions you can get. And since they are light weight that doesn’t put too much weight on your natural lashes. This also makes them a good choice for those with naturally thin, weaker lashes.

When to avoid wearing lashes

In case you’ve got short and weak natural lashes it is recommended to take a little care of them before the next application. That would give them enough nutrients so they can recover and start growing strong again. However even good looking natural lashes need some time off extensions. Including a lot of vitamins in the daily menu helps a lot as well as drinking plenty of water.

Some restrictions after lash extensions application


  1. Avoid touching your lashes in the first 24 hours after the procedure
  2. Forget about sleeping with your face down
  3. No mascara
  4. Do not use any oil based cosmetics around your eyes
  5. Wash your face with cool water and avoid spending long time around radiant heat


If you find a good deal on lash extension application think twice. Do some researches first and then consider benefits and risks of the deal.  Quality always pays off. Be smart with your time and money. Do not neglect the fact that incompetent lash applications can end up with eye irritation or even something more serious. On the other hand due to unqualified technician your natural lashes can be glued together and eventually fall off. And last but not least the glue should not make a contact with your skin at all. Its only purpose is to stick a single extension to a single natural eyelash.

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