Eyelash extensions need care

Care of Lashes – is it a necessity? Eyelash extensions are a fairly popular procedure. And it is considered harmless. It has no negative health effects. However, most of the girls who go for it encounter some problems. Most common issue is loss or weakening   of the eyelashes. But do not be worry! There are many ways to restore eyelashes after extension application and return their healthy look. Taking care of your lashes is essential and recommended.


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How lash extensions affect natural eyelashes


The extensions procedure is when artificial extensions are attached to your individual natural eyelashes. Of course, technicians use most harmless formulas that do not harm the eyes, skin or eyelids. Nevertheless it is impossible to manage that with organic substances only. Some chemicals play role as well. We talk about glues that bond the extensions and natural lashes together. Sometimes the glue effects hairs or partially destroys their structure. In matter of fact that’s very rare. In most cases the glue has no effect on the natural eyelashes. However the skills of the lash technician is a key factor of this beauty procedure.

Helping the lashes to stay healthy


It’s easy to prevent negative effects on your eyelashes from happening. After application you might  need to do some procedures that accelerate the recovery of eyelashes.

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What you need to know

Firstly, how quickly glued eyelashes will start to fall off. Secondly – accuracy of the final result. If one artificial hair is attached to a few of natural ones, they will begin to tighten, and that leads to their loss over time.

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Make sure you choose a skilled and highly recommended professional

Accordingly, when choosing a lash artist, you need go over the google reviews. Even more ask around among friends. Ensure your eyes are in hands of a professional.

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The basics of lash extensions care

In order to keep eyelashes healthy after application you need to use proper nutrition. The focus is on active substances that strengthen hair roots. Furthermore during the extension procedure you should consult with your technician about that.

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