Eyelash Extensions Basics

Application of Eyelashes

Application of eyelash individual extensions is a popular cosmetic procedure. You can increase their length, Curl, or volume. Simply by gluing synthetic extensions to your natural lashes. The application process is performed by a properly trained and licensed technician with sufficient experience. If your rather decide to trust someone under qualified your put yourself in a risky situation. We always is recommend to do research and considerations in advance.

Some Technical Facts

Length of eyelash extensions are between 6 to 15 mm. in most cases.

Thickness is another important parameter. Thin-0.07 mm. to thick-0.15.

Curl also is a matter of  consideration when your natural eyelashes are too straight or point downward. Another condition that is a factor is the shapes and conditions of your eyelids. Therefore there are several curls available for application of eyelash extensions. They are: J, B, C, CC, D, L, U…and so on depends on the angle of curvature of the extensions.

  Eyelash Extension Sets

Classic partial set

Application only on outer corners of the eyes or on every other or third natural eyelash. But generally speaking everything here is strictly individual. All depends on the thickness, color and strength of your natural eyelashes.

Classic full set

This is the most common one. On each natural eyelash a technician applies one single extension.

Volume full set

2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D,… and so on. Number shows how many extensions are glued on every natural eyelash. Results of this technique is much more impressive the classic one. This is because we have multiplied number of eyelash extensions. Here is where skills and experience of the eyelash technician really matters.

Hybrid set

A combination of a classic and volume techniques. Gives you a little more volume and still remains natural look of your eyelashes.


The appointment lasts around 120-150 min. For some applications some extra time may needed. Make sure you make enough time for the procedure.


Book a  fill appointment  every 3 to 4 weeks. Avoid using mascara. However all oily products  dissolve the adhesive that glues the extensions to the natural eyelashes.