Natural Look Eyelashes

For Natural looking eyelashes I recommend using classic eyelash extensions. This technique is when a technician applies a single extension on each natural lash. Again, there are a number of different variations. Even with this technique you can play with lengths, thicknesses, patterns or even colors and achieve desirable effect according to personal preferences.

More Impressive Look and something more…

For those whose intention to get noticed and attract attention as soon as they appear is the next technique- Volume eyelash extensions. Volume eyelash extensions come in a few different styles: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D.  The number represents how many extensions apply on a single natural lash.

Duration and Preparation for the Appointment

Around 120-180 minutes is an average time you need to make for your appointment. The procedure is absolutely pain free. Even opposite. It is very relaxing and many customers simply just fall asleep during the appointment. But one thing you have to keep in mind. To save some money and time always make sure that you remove all make up or any oil based cream around your eyes.

Filling appointments

Once applied eyelash extensions need regular maintenance. Initial application lasts for about a month. But in order to keep the good look is a good idea to see a technician every 3 weeks. About 60 minutes is the time you need for that.

Risks and infections

Any possibility of eye infections is impossible. Since Synthetic eyelash extensions are used there is not any source of infection unlike use of natural animal fur or hair. However some complications may occur during the or after the application. Most of them are related to an allergic reaction to one or more   chemicals used in the process. Good idea is is to have your patch test done 24 hours prior to the initial appointment.

Here we do not even mention the qualification and reputation of the eyelash technician you have to choose. You have to be very careful responsible and picky about it. Ask questions.


Like every other part of human body eyelashes need a break. Typical life cycle of natural eyelashes is about two months. They grow and fall off. Once or twice a year is enough time for them to fully recover from wearing extensions.




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