Types of Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers and come in different length, thickness, curl and color. Playing with all that options you can get thousands and thousands of different variations. Experimenting is a ongoing process and gives you a lot of fun and new sensations. However no matter of types , shapes or lengths of lashes the final result is always amazing if done by a qualified and adequately trained technician.


Length from 7 to 12 mm is the most popular. Following the curve of the eye we place them in a pattern depends on the particular goal we want to achieve. There are varieties of shapes you can create and achieve the desirable effect.


Synthetic eyelash extensions are different colors but black and dark brown are most used.  There are some other colors that are for special applications and are not for everyday use. Depends on the personal client’s demands and preferences. The entertainment industry is the engine of that type of eyelash extensions.


Different curves of eyelash extensions are available from Downward facing to Extreme Upward Curl. The more natural look or something really “crazy”. Well… The choice is yours!


The duration of the procedure is anywhere between ½ hour   to 3 hours. Many things come to consideration depends on the complicity and number of extensions to be applied. The process is 100% painless contrary it is very relaxing and the vast majority of clients just simply fall asleep during the appointment. However if you feel any discomfort you have to talk to the technician.


In most cases the eyelash extensions last about a month if you take a good care of them.  In order to make them last much longer you need to see a technician every 3 weeks for filling. That’s because you natural eyelashes grow and fall out like you hair. And new baby lashes come out. This is a natural process and is good to know.



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