Newest Lash Trends

The newest lash trends in Eyelash Beauty industry are always exciting. Everyone wants to break the routine and try something new. Below are listed a few options you can review and take a look at some images.

Rainbow Lash extensions

alt="rainbow lashes"

Rainbow Lashes Trend

Firstly Rainbow lashes  trend is about to apply different color of extensions. Certainly rainbow colors are great choice. Of course, you don’t have to use all rainbow colors at one time. However they can be bright or pastel shades. To achieve desirable effect chose three to five colors at most. That way you have enough color density and get a really vibrant look.

Mermaid Lashes

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Mermaid Lashes Trend

Another colorful application is Mermaid lashes . In this trend the colors are mostly in green, blue and purple shades. The artist should look for a color balance or contrast between natural lashes and applied extensions. To get a stunning and fancy look talk and plan with your lash artist. Turning into a real Mermaid takes a lot of patience as well.

Glitter Lashes

alt="Glitter Lashes"

Glitter Lashes Trend

Gorgeous and irresistible Glitter lash extensions are a desirable option for you shine up. This trend comes in different variations.  From  light weight to heavy weight diamond glitter lashes. However if you want to increase the effect you can use glitter mascara on top of the lash extensions. The application requires advanced skills and experience.

Eyelash Jewelry

alt=" Diamond Lashes"

Jewelry Lashes Trend


Another exciting latest trend in lash industry is eyelash Jewelry. The whole secret is decorating the lash extensions with diamonds or purls. The lash artist glues the stones to your eyelashes.  Of course balance is very important. You don’t want to lose diamonds or other jewelry along with fallen off eyelashes. Certainly this is a quite expensive option but you will be outshine everyone else.