Beautiful Lash Extensions

 Eyelash Extensions

Who doesn’t dream about long and volume eyelashes?  But not every girl has such a natural gift.  Fortunately these days there are some options out there to go around this imperfection. One of them is to apply individual lash extensions. There is no reason to get desperate or fall into a depression.  The only thing you need to do is just to make about two hours and book an appointment with an eyelash technician.  As a result you will become an owner of a pair of amazing eyelashes.

What you need to know about Lashes

 Desi  is an eyelash artist at “Sofia Lashes” in Edmonton, Alberta. She gives us some tips what to do and what to avoid doing once you decide to apply eyelash extensions. In the first place it is very important to know how to arrive at the appointment and what to expect during after the procedure.  How much times it takes to apply the extensions and how long they are going to last. And last but not the least you want to know whether the applied extensions can impact your natural eyelashes. All these questions and concerns you should discuss with your eyelash technician prior to the appointment.

Benefits of lash extensions

About benefits of wearing Eyelash extensions we can talk a lot: They make your eyes so much more impressive. They don’t need mascara and just a little make-up because you already look amazing. Saving a lot of time in the morning before the mirror so you  can get some extra sleep. These days the technology is so advanced that the fake eyelashes look absolutely natural. No one can see the deference.

 Disadvantages of lash extensions

However in some cases I don’t recommend to apply eyelash extensions.

  1. The most important consideration is if you’ve got any signs of allergy to any of the chemicals used in the process. That could be glue, eye patches, etc. In this case I recommend to try something that you are not allergic to.  A good option is a “YUMI lash lifting” where no glue component is used since the process is focused on enhancement of your natural eyelashes.
  2. If you have a habit to sleep face down on your pillow then after just a few days there will be no sign of you beautiful eyelash extensions set.




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