Vitamins and Minerals


Having healthy hair and eyelashes is not only a gift from Mother Nature but takes some efforts. How important is to take some vitamins and minerals? How often? Is it needed? Since the hair and lashes are basically Keratin we have to supply our body with the right ingredients for its production.



The answers to all questions raised above are – yes very important and you have to do that on daily bases. We are not built perfect but we can still make some improvements and help our body function properly. Here come vitamins and minerals. They are crucial ingredients in protein synthesis processes in the body. Therefore lack of them leads to poor quality results. For instance, brittle and week hair or eyelashes.



The best product for your overall health out there is an original Bulgarian yogurt. The only geographic area in the world where a specific bacteria  named Lactobacillus Bulgaricus  brakes down the milk proteins to a product with such an profound health  effect. It makes your hair and lashes strong and healthy due to the proteins and minerals in it.

alt="Bulgarian Yogurt"



Eggs are source of very important vitamins of group B. Excellent source of Omega-3. Both egg the white and the yolk make hair grow. The yolk gives you a shiny and long hair. You can find Biotin in the eggs as well. Very good for your lashes protein.



Biotin, magnesium



Nuts and Mushrooms


Biotin, Zink, Iron and many other minerals

Green vegetables

Everything green contains iron, zinc and many minerals that boost your lash growth.

alt="green veggies"


Molybdenum and foliate.  Vitamins B1 and B6. It is rich also on Iron, phosphorus and manganese.



Experts always recommend preferring natural products over processed products. But it is good to know that you have an option to take pharmaceutical replacements of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Biotin – vitamin H
  2. Vitamin B,B6
  3. Vitamin D