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Yumi lash lift & tint

Yumi lash lift & tint

Since its start in 2008 YUMI Lash Lift has gaining gaining more and more followers. The beginning was in Switzerland. Then in 2012 the brand moved to France and achieved considerable expansion all over the world. Both clients and professionals are adored by the results and benefits of YUMI application.

Benefits of YUMI Lashes

alt="Yumi lash lift & tint"

Yumi lash lift & tint

YUMI lash lift Application

The treatment time is about 90 minutes. There are four consecutive steps to take. Lifting, fixing, tint and Keratin mask. An eyelash artist certified by the YUMI™ brand performs this procedure.

YUMI Effect

Yumi lashes

Yumi lashes

The result of YUMI treatment is longer, thicker and darker lashes with added volume. Furthermore they are lift and curled upwards. However all that is achieved without using any lash extensions. Everything is 100% your natural lashes.

NEXT Appointment

The YUMI effect lasts from 8 to 12 weeks. During this period you don’t need any touch-ups; fills…Etc. To keep you YUMI lift longer it’s recommended to use Keratin Mascara twice daily. It is a good idea to discuss all aspects of what to do and what not to with your technician.

alt="Yumi Keratin Mascara"

Yumi Keratin Mascara

No Mascara

Good news; you do not need to apply mascara anymore! You save time on things you love to do in the morning! And certainly you wake up in the morning without so annoying traces of irritations and anaesthetic signs of mascara.

48 hours before YUMI application

For better results48 hours do not apply any waterproof mascara or oil based products.

On the appointment Day

Make sure you do not apply makeup when you show up for your treatment. Do not curl your lashes either prior to the appointment. Certainly you need nothing but your natural eyelashes.

48 hours after YUMI application

For the first 48 hours keep your eyelashes as dry as possible. That means don’t take a shower. Avoid splashing water on your face. No steam rooms or hot tub. In the addition you try do not to do hot yoga or work out activities.

No health harmful agents

It’s safe to say that YUMI protects your health from any aggressive or harmful substances. YUMI doesn’t contain any Paraffin. Paraffin causes damage to eyelashes.

Cruelty free

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Cruelty free

YUMI doesn’t support tests on any animals. By using products solely from cruelty-free makeup companies, you’ll be helping to end cruel tests on animals, while sending a powerful message to the companies that still test.