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Yumi lash lift and tint

When is a perfect time to get your YUMI Lash Lift

 Summer is a perfect season that you can enjoy your vacation.  Outdoors and indoors temperature is the same. The life is much easier and you can spend some more time for yourself. After the winter months nature human body starts recovering and same applies to human’s body.  Eyelashes need a brake as well. YUMI technology provides essential nutrition for you lashes.  Once you have your YUMI Lash Lift  you don’t need to worry about makeup, mascara, moister etc…

Before you book an appointment

Appointment preparation is very important. It is a good idea to consult the technician what to do and what to avoid doing. However it is a general practice to appear for the appointment with your eyelashes free of any mascara, eyelash extensions or makeup or any cosmetic products  on your eyelashes.

Ask questions

You can ask any questions about allergies and chemicals used in the process. Providing some information about your general medical concerns is important too. The more information the better results you can expect.

How long it lasts

alt"YUMI lashes"

YUMI lashes

Unlike individual Eyelash extensions YUMI Lash Lifting technology  focuses on your own natural lashes. There is no foreign material applied or attached on them after the treatment.  Furthermore the growing serum stimulates the eyelashes and makes them stronger and healthier. And the next appointment can be scheduled 2 to 3 months after the previous one.


If you want to  know more about  YUMI Lash Lifting aftercare follow the link below: