Types of Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set

This is a technique when an artist applies an extension on each of your natural eyelashes.  As a result your natural eyelashes become longer and somewhat thicker. Depends on the thickness of the false eyelashes. They come in different lengths, curls,  and thicknesses. Also there are a variety of materials they are made of. From synthetic to real mink fur hair However if your have for instance 90 natural lashes  at the end of the appointment you still have 90 extended eyelashes. You fill confident and beautiful . But what if do not have 90 natural eyelashes on a single eye and you want to fix that little cosmetic problem? On the other hand others can find them too simple for special events and would go for something more extreme.

 Volume Set

Volume Eyelash Extensions is a technique where the artist applies between 2 and 6 individual extensions on each of your natural eyelashes. This takes much more skills and patience. The result depends on the quality of the lash extensions and professionalism of the artist. Here you get a real “WOW” effect. You eyelashes look just amazing. Fluffy full set of eyelashes. And that is the first thing that everyone notices at ones. You butterfly like volume lashes. But still some people think that they are not suitable for everyday life or every occasion. They are too noticeable and impressive. However some can find that the look is far from natural…


Hybrid Eyelashes

Hybrid Set

Finally we’ve come to the point where we can combine both services in one and get benefits from both. Here we can see the potential of the volume. This is great for those who want just a bit of it  to stress on the beauty of their own lashes. You can easily fix imperfections of  short or fallen off natural eyelashes since with this technique gaps can be filled. And at last this service comes in an affordable price as well.


Same like with any other eyelash application.  You can ask any questions about allergies, chemicals used in the process. Providing some information about your general medical concerns is important too. The more information the better results you can expect.


If you want to  know more about  Hybrid eyelashes follow the link below: