Volume eyelash extensions

Russian Volume Set

The beautiful set of Russian volume looks amazing. The eyelashes are soft and look alive. Even though they are often called “Mink” lashes the volume lashes are not made of natural hair or animal fur. They are synthetic but are much thinner and softer than regular eyelash extensions. But the quality comes with a price. Of course they are much more expensive and application requires advanced skills. On every individual natural eyelash the artist can apply up to 6 eyelash extensions. That gives you a real volume out of any imagination.

 Origin of Russian Volume

First the volume eyelash extensions were developed by Russian artists back in 2010.  This new trend in the industry became popular all over the globe. Now it is a standard. The woman behind that innovative technique is Irina Levchuk. Lower by education and a beauty legend today. Learning from the best at the time helped her to create and develop her unique and innovative approach to eyelashes. From today’s day prospective it’s safe to say that this future of the eyelash extension industry.


Volume lashes are much finer than individual ones. That put way less pressure on the natural eyelashes because they have to carry less weight. With the classic individual extensions to make more impression you need to apply thicker and longer extensions which are more heavy as well.

On the other hand you don’t have to apply any mascara and you still look pretty good. The filling that without make up you still has a fabulous look is amazing.



The appointment duration is about two hours. Same as the regular set application. It is very important to book an appointment with a eyelash technician with adequate training and good recommendations. Instead going to cheap salons better get ready to pay good money for a good job. Once you get your Russian volume eyelashes done you become addictive and feel happy that you have decided to go for them.


There fill appointment is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks to keep your amazing look going. No mascara or any oily products can be used around eyes because they dissolve the adhesive that glued the extensions to the natural eyelashes.

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