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Back on track after COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Economic impact of Corona Virus Immediate effects of Covid-19 World Health Organization-Geneva Since the time the COVID-19 outbreak, it has affected over 200 countries. WHO (World Health Organization) in January 2020 announce the Pandemic. All of a sudden that led to shutting down many businesses.  Stores, services airports all over the world [...]

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Covid-19 and Lash Services

Covid-19 and Lash Services Covid-19 is a virus similar to the flue virus. However there are some key differences that need more attention. Corona virus Covid-19 outbreak Initially  Corona virus disease was identified in Wuhan, China in December of 2019. Since then the infection has spread globally and more then  4.37 million cases [...]

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YUMI Lash lift

YUMI lash lift – Professional Eyelash Technology Yumi lash lift & tint Since its start in 2008 YUMI Lash Lift has gaining gaining more and more followers. The beginning was in Switzerland. Then in 2012 the brand moved to France and achieved considerable expansion all over the world. Both clients and professionals are [...]

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Eyelash extensions or YUMI™ Lashes

  Eyelash Extensions Eyelash extensions-Volume lash extensions-"Sofia Lashes" Since the time of strip lashes some other alternative techniques were developed by the beauty industries. One of them is individual eyelash extensions. Every single lash extension bonds to a single natural eyelash. The result is amazing and you can play with variety of lengths, [...]

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YUMI Lash Lift – The best choice

 Before YUMI lash Like every significant achievement in the human history YUMI lash lift appears after many years of struggling to give natural lashes  a perfect shape. A brief flash-back in history of curling hair   Curl hair commercial Yumi Lash Lift uses the experience of the past and brings it to a [...]

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YUMI Lash Lift

Yumi lash lift and tint When is a perfect time to get your YUMI Lash Lift  Summer is a perfect season that you can enjoy your vacation.  Outdoors and indoors temperature is the same. The life is much easier and you can spend some more time for yourself. After the winter months nature [...]

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