Professional vs. rookie application of lash extensions

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Lash extensions applied by professional is crucial when it comes to your lashes. Quality materials do not have harmful effect on your lashes.  But occasionally some girls decide to make a shortcut most of the time to save some money on lashes. Everything looks like a good deal until you end up with some issues. More often that bad experience is traumatic for your natural eyelashes. In most cases they become more brittle. Sometimes they break or even fall off.  Since the damage is done now the question is then what to do.

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Low quality glue and materials


In order to safe on costs some technicians use low quality glue to apply lash extensions to your natural eyelashes. This is a dangerous practice. That could be harmful for eyelashes. You can experience eyelid skin irritation. Or you can get even red eyes what is a sign for eye irritation. On the other hand use of low quality eyelash extensions can trigger an allergic reaction.

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Poor lash extensions application


In general the glue that bonds extensions to eyelashes is not supposed to touch the skin or even roots or your natural eyelashes. But if that occurs then we face another problem. The excess glue blocks the oxygen and nutrients supply to the hair. Lashes become week and brittle.

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Other risks with lash extensions

Undertaking lash removal at home or without proper glue removal can be a bad idea as well. That way along with extensions you can pull out your natural eyelashes. Glue removal dissolves the lash glue and the extensions can be removed with no damage for your lashes. The best advice here is just go and see a professional.


Regular care of lashes

Avoiding problem mentioned above you can maintain your beautiful eyelash extensions as long as you want. It is a good idea if you include Vitamins A, E and B12 in your diet.


Natural lashes Life cycle

Interesting fact is that natural eyelashes have a life cycle. They grow and fall off along with applied extensions. Once the eyelashes are applied that takes place in a certain point of time. But your natural eyelashes are in a different stage of their life cycles. Therefore every two to three weeks you need to see a technician for filling.