Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions and Fashion

Lash Extensions Today Fashion and Lash extensions now go hand by hand. Lash extensions-Beauty of eyes   Individual eyelash extensions today are a very popular procedure in beauty industry. Modern day technology allows creating lush, bright and expressive eyelashes. That delights you and the people around you. Some skeptics out there criticize eyelash [...]

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Some Facts about Lash Extensions

Extensions - what you need to know about  them Eyelash extensions Are you tired of looking for the perfect mascara? And your natural eyelashes are not too fluffy and long. Then you may be should consider application of eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are a simple and effective way to give expressiveness to your [...]

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Care of your lashes

 Eyelash extensions need care Care of Lashes - is it a necessity? Eyelash extensions are a fairly popular procedure. And it is considered harmless. It has no negative health effects. However, most of the girls who go for it encounter some problems. Most common issue is loss or weakening   of the eyelashes. But do not [...]

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Celebrities who love Lash Extensions

  Eyelashes-business cards of  Celebrities Obviously Celebrities love lash extensions. Eyelash extensions have long become as popular as manicure or hair removal. And this is not surprising: with extended eyelashes, the eyes become brighter and more expressive. Another advantage is that you don’t need to bother about mascara any more. And there are no limits. [...]

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Eyelash Extensions Today

Lash Extensions Eyelashes and lash extension have come a long way. Nevertheless today we can enjoy a huge selection of impressive lashes for every budget. eyelash extensions-classic set   Every girl today would like to make their eyes more mysterious and expressive. But how can we imagine a pretty girl without impressive eyelashes [...]

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Eyelash extensions for Men

Men lash extensions 2020 new trend in men eyelash extensions   Obviously in the modern society the beauty trends challenge more and more the old stereotypes. These days is not a surprise to see men with collared hair, manicure or make up. However old school understanding what is strictly for men or women [...]

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Care of your Lash Extensions

How to take care of your eyelash extensions Eyelash Extensions The result of eyelash extension application is a volume, long, amazing looking eyelashes without any mascara. But to enjoy wearing longer your lash extensions you definitely need to take care of them. There are some simple rules and procedures you need to become familiar with. [...]

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When your natural lashes need a break from lash extensions

  Professional vs. rookie application of lash extensions lash technician completed training diploma   Lash extensions applied by professional is crucial when it comes to your lashes. Quality materials do not have harmful effect on your lashes.  But occasionally some girls decide to make a shortcut most of the time to save some [...]

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Volume Lahses

Volume lashes extensions basics   For women having longer and more than average eyelashes has been taken as a symbol of beauty since the beginning of time. Therefore Today Volume eyelash extensions get more and more popular. No doubt that adding extra volume to your eyelashes makes you feel really beautiful and confident. But what [...]

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