What is Microblading / HDi Embroidery Brow

The latest enhancement for fuller & defined eyebrows

This is a technique using sterile and disposable microblades (needle blades). With those blades we will deposit a special pigment into the upper 2 layers of the skin, drawing hair strokes to mimic the natural brow hair. The pigments are organic and hypoallergenic. Microblading is an art because conform with your skin colour, face shape, hair colour and of course with your preferences.

What I need to do before my HDi Embroidery Brow appointment?

In preparation for your appointment, please shape your brows by tweezing them 2-3 days before your appointment. This will allow me to see the shape you’re use to while ensuring that there is no skin irritation from recent hair removal. If you wear brow makeup, please come to your appointment with it on. Again, this gives me an idea of the shape you like.

A consultation

Before the consultation starts on your eyebrows will be applied a numbing cream. It needs 30-45 min to kick in. During this time we will chose the right colour together, which much to your skin and hair colour. Your personal colour will be done by mixing 2,3 even 4 pigments.

Touch Up Appointments

Your touch-up appointment should be done 4-6 weeks after your initial application, this allows me to reshape or augment any areas that need it. A touch-up appointment is necessary to complete the HDi Embroidery Brow procedure. This is a custom built brow and you may require several touch-ups to ensure the skin retains the pigment and you achieve your desired look.


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