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Men lash extensions

2020 new trend in men eyelash extensions


Obviously in the modern society the beauty trends challenge more and more the old stereotypes. These days is not a surprise to see men with collared hair, manicure or make up. However old school understanding what is strictly for men or women is ditched. There is a wide horizon of opportunities open for exploration. One of them is men eyelashes.

Do men need lash extensions


Generally speaking like most of the girls some boys desire to be attractive and popular. That can be achieved in many ways. However a brand new pair of “wow” looking lash extensions can do the job. Beautiful eyes grab attention immediately and become your business card. Furthermore some male beauty professionals need certain image and professional look.

How different are lash extensions for men

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men eyelashes


Like most of us already know there are a few steps in the lash application process. In the first place you need to know what kind of lashes are your own. They can be long or short. Thick or thin. Healthy or week. For that reason you can discuss with the lash artist what is best for your type of lashes. What effect you can achieve playing with different length, curls or thickness.


Types of eyelash extensions for men


Here you have several options but we can generalize them in two groups. You can pick between classic single lash extensions or volume lash extensions. However each one of these groups can be divided into a few more depending on the materials used in the process or some other physical characteristics of the lashes.

What you have to keep in mind

alt="men lash extensions"

men lashes


Picking a eyelash artist is crucial. Experienced and adequately trained professional will help you making the right choice and pick the right selection of lash extensions. On the other hand you have to be aware if you have any allergies to any of the chemicals used in the process. If you are not sure the artist will put you through a patch test so you know.