eyelash extensions edmonton albertaHow long should be the length of your beautiful eyelashes?

Have you ever seen someone with perfect lashes? And secretly wished that you’d been fortunate enough to be born with those genes?

What can we do about it?

Most of us can’t help but feel a little envious when we think about how we missed out on the perfect lash view. Yes, some people are lucky with genetically perfect lashes. However, that’s a rare occurrence indeed. In most instances, perfect lashes are not born; they’re made! With eyelash extensions you too can have those perfect lashes you’ve always dreamed of . Just imagine  fuller, perfectly-curled, and longer than you ever thought possible.

But really how long?

But how long is too long? Is there a perfect length that we should all be striving for? Is it just a simple case of “the longer, the better” or are there some basic guidelines that should inform our choices when we opt for those eyelash extensions? As it turns out, there are some basic rules that can help you and your lash technician choose the right length for your lash extension needs.

Choosing Overly Long Lashes and its risk

An eyelash is a delicate thing. If you hold one in your hand, you won’t even notice its weight. Still, it does have weight – and that weight differs from person to person. More than that, your lashes are designed for your body and no one else’s. As a result, your lash extensions need to be within a certain weight range to avoid damage to your natural lash follicles. And, of course, longer lashes tend to be heavier lashes.

Consult with the technician

That’s why lash technicians don’t use the same lashes for each client. Some women’s natural lashes can support heavier lash extensions. Other women need to choose somewhat shorter and lighter options. For example, a woman with thick and coarse lashes will have an easier time wearing longer, heavier extensions than a woman whose lashes are thin and sparse.

The Perfect Lash Length

Many lash experts agree that there is a basic formula that can help you determine your perfect lash length. As a rule, your eyelashes will be at their best when their length is roughly equal to the distance between your eyebrow and lash line. Naturally, that’s just a basic guideline, but most women will enjoy the best results when they choose their lashes based on that simple principle.

At Sofia Lashes, our technicians are dedicated to one simple goal: providing you with lash extensions that help you look and feel your best. That means choosing the right extensions for each customer’s needs, to ensure that natural lashes are kept as safe and healthy as possible.

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