Lash Extensions

Eyelashes and lash extension have come a long way. Nevertheless today we can enjoy a huge selection of impressive lashes for every budget.

alt="Lash extensions classic set"

eyelash extensions-classic set


Every girl today would like to make their eyes more mysterious and expressive. But how can we imagine a pretty girl without impressive eyelashes with a perfect curl. The question is , what is the best way to give eyes the look you desire and makes the eyes more bright and attractive. Generally speaking there are several ways to make your eyes more expressive, and the most effective of them is eyelash extensions.

How has all that started

alt="Max Factor eyelashes history"

Max Factor eyelashes history

 The history of eyelash extensions originates in the make-up room of Hollywood. There false eyelashes were invented first by the legendary Max Factor. He is the most famous makeup artist of the 20th century whose name has become a well-known brand. As leading Hollywood make-up artist Max Factor created the first fake eyelashes in 1927 for actress Phyllis Haver who was the first performer of the role of Roxy in the musical “Chicago”. The downside was that the process was time consuming and very expensive.

The story of fake eyelashes continuous after WW2

alt="Eyelashes in the 50s"

Marilyn Monroe eyelashes


However It was in the 50s of the 20th century when a new wave of popularity of eyelashes began. But this time that happened among general girls. After all the procedure has already been improved and became much more affordable than before. And the eyelashes looked much more natural. And again the main demand for eyelash extensions was from the movie industry. The procedure was still time and money consuming but already created a real expectation of something new coming soon.

21 century fake eyelashes extensions

alt="Hybrid Lashes"

Hybrid Eyelashes

Over the years fashion style has changed. And cosmetic procedures became less expensive and affordable. New technologies have come into everyday life. Now eyelash extensions are not a problem. For many girls it has become a life style like regular manicure or hair coloring. In recent years the procedure of eyelash extension has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world.


Aesthetic and other benefits of lash extensions

alt="vacation on the beach"

vacation on the beach

Today is not only cool wearing lash extensions but is very practical as well. Thanks to eyelash extensions girls can simply skip mascara. They are always beautiful wherever they go – in the bath, sauna or swimming pool. And day and night their eyes are expressive and bright.

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