Eyelash Extensions Tips bellow are just a minimum information you need  to know prior to your initial appointment. With several varieties of eyelash extensions, it’s such a hassle to decide which product works the best for you.

Imagine dealing with all of that every single day. It is so nice to just have natural, long and full eyelashes when you wake up every morning without making the effort? We know just what you’re looking for: eyelash extensions.

Fake lashes vs Eyelash extensions

Fake lashes have a more temporary nature in comparison to eyelash extensions. You are able to wear them for a day or two maximum. You don’t want to wear  fake eyelashes  while showering or swimming, and also you take them off when when you go to bed.

Fake lashes are temporary lashes. The fake lashes  need  a  lash glue specifically designed for them.

Eyelash extensions are permanent and you do not need to remove them yourself on daily bases.

 Eyelash Extensions tips for the first time

After initial application Eyelash Extension last  for 4 to 6 weeks . Semi-permanent lashes or eyelash extensions use a stronger adhesive to give the lashes a more lasting effect. The adhesive for the application of eyelash extensions has been created using health and safety regulations. In most case they do not cause irritation.

With eyelash extensions, you can easily feign a makeup look without making any effort. During application, the extension lash and the glue should come in a contact with the eyelid. Eyelash extensions, however, can fall off earlier  if you use oil-based makeup. This is because makeup and eye makeup removers which have oil can affect the strength of the bond between the lash and the extension. Eyelash extensions can also fall off if you rub them too much.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

There are plenty of available options when it comes to eyelash extensions. The process of applying eyelash extensions may take varying amounts of time depending on the color, fullness, thickness and length of the extensions you wish to use. The number of lashes added too varies. Generally, one lash extension is added per existing lash to maintain a natural look. There are also plenty of textures to choose from when it comes to lash extensions.

There are three broad categories of eyelash extensions apart from human hair. The options for eyelash extensions include synthetic lashes, mink lashes and silk eyelash extensions. The size of the eyelash extension can be anywhere between 6mm and 17mm.

Eyelash extensions process of application

After selection of the right texture and length, each eyelash is applied separately. Since some variations of the glue used to apply eyelashes may irritate certain people, there are also different types of glue available for the purpose.

The application of eyelash extensions can take between 120 to 180 minutes . Touch-ups may be required for eyelash extensions since the extended eyelash may fall off with the natural lash. Additionally, it is important to prevent the eyelash extensions from getting wet during the first 24 hours. Since it may take up to an entire day for the glue to properly dry out.

Eyelash Extensions Tips about make up

It is possible to use makeup with eyelash extensions, but it is preferable to only use on the tips of the extensions. Using mascara at the tips very gently will be enough to get your desired look. If you apply mascara on the entire length of  your eyelash extensions  it will most likely get clumpy.


Can I Apply Eyelash Extensions By Myself?

I wouldn’t recommend  to apply your eyelash extensions yourself. There are a number of tools required in the application process and since you need to keep your eyes closed.  It isn’t exactly a good idea to attempt to apply eyelash extensions to your own eyelashes. However, if you wish to apply extensions to anyone else, you better get a  proper training.


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